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Machines fail, it’s a fact of life. The problem is that they have the tendency to fail at the most inopportune times. Our expert washer repair team can diagnose the problem and fix it; often in as little as an afternoon.

Don’t let a broken washer force you to spend quarters at the laundry; it’s inconvenient and time consuming. We can fix your machine at an affordable price, and we can fix it quickly. Here are just some of the problems that we can repair:

• Stops Spinning
• Loud Noises
• No Agitation
• Stops Draining
• Fills Slowly
• Leaks Water
• Won’t Start
• Overflows
• Doesn’t Lock
• Stops Mid-cycle

While the issue may seem like a huge problem to you, our washer repair team has seen it before! We have the skills and knowledge necessary to fix any make or model. We don’t care if your machine is out of warranty; we are happy to fix it for you!

In most cases, you do not need a new machine. If the problem is going to be more expensive to fix than makes good sense, we are happy to tell you that! We rarely are forced to tell people to buy an entirely new machine. Most issues really are a simple fix!

If your washing machine isn’t functioning like it did when it was installed, it’s time to call Fix Today Appliance Repair in New Orleans, LA! Our washer repair experts are here to help you. Call now!