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Washer Repair | Fix Today Appliance Repair | New Orleans, LA | (504) 496-8654
Machines fail, it’s a fact of life. The problem is that they have the tendency to fail at the most inopportune times. Our expert washer repair team can...
Dryer Repair | Fix Today Appliance Repair | New Orleans, LA | (504) 496-8654
It’s no secret that you can hang your clothes outside to dry, but what if you don’t have the time? What if it’s raining or the weather is too cold? You...
Refrigerator Repair | Fix Today Appliance Repair | New Orleans, LA | (504) 496-8654
You’re struggling to figure out why your food and drinks aren’t as cold as they should be. You’ve cranked your dial to the coldest setting and your...

Fix Today Appliance Repair fixes all major appliances professionally and efficiently at affordable prices!

Welcome To Fix Today Appliance Repair

There may be nothing more aggravating than a washing machine breaking down in the middle of a load. Then again, a refrigerator on the fritz may be even more of a hassle! Fix Today Appliance Repair in New Orleans, LA is here to make your appliances run again!

Never assume that because your appliances are out of warranty that you have to buy a new one when your old one breaks down. Having your machine repaired is almost always more cost effective than buying a new one. If we don’t believe that fixing your appliance is the best option, we’ll tell you!

At Fix Today Appliance Repair, we offer:

• Washing Machine Repair
• Clothes Dryer Repair
• Refrigerator Repair
• Appliance Repair

Whether you are looking for washer and dryer repair or home refrigerator repair, our experts are here to get your machine working again. Stop spending quarters at the laundry, and stop thinking about spending hundreds on a new refrigerator! Our professional repair team can fix almost any problem!

Quality Work

Not only will we fix your machine, but we'll build it better! We offer the longest warranty in the business, and we always offer a senior citizen discount. Our repair team can fix all major appliances.

If your washer and dryer are on the blink or your refrigerator is anything but cold, call Fix Today Appliance Repair in New Orleans, LA today!